The Rules for Fight the EU club

1 be peaceful and respect all common law.

2 every person who believes in Democracy make yourself known.

3 every day different people will hand in a petition to our parliament with only one name printed on it, yours, asking for the will of the people and the vote to leave the EU is upheld
What is going to be noticed more, a petition with 4 million names on it or 17.4 million petitions with one name on it.

4 read up on Lawfull rebellion, George Orwell, 1984, follow your local and regional activist groups be it left or right, we do not all have exactly the same Borg attitude we all have maybe 20-30 of the same ideas but we may also disagree on another 3-400 so all sides must listen and choose wisely from a lot of varying ideas and ideologies.

5 non payment of council tax from may 1st, its now time to hit them in the pockets, more info will be posted soon

6 email our useless bitch of a PM, we have zero respect for any of the current leaders in parliament.