Rants and Raves

Well just had a ban on facebook again for using the word stab this time, how the fuck can you understand in what context anyone in the uk uses a WORD.
Also me and my mate each had a fiend called nigel who sadly passed away and in our conversation we mentioned the two nigs and poof, one person banned and one not, this prooves to me that facebook has weighting set that increases your chances of being banned for saying any word facebook do not like.

Not only is facebook an americunt company like twitter, google and instagram where is our representation, should they be able to choose what words we are allowed to use that are in our dictionaries you know words like Cunt, Twat and Fanny which are part of the english language.
What iff nazi, germany, russia, nuclear and militarty were treated the same way, removing all signs of words you do not understand.

People need better IT systems than we have today to use computers so that they can read the context of a text interaction, everyone who has used a computer or phone to communicate by text knows the perils of sending something to the wrong person and it being miss read.

or we can just STAB every fucker in the head with a pork sausage who works at facebook

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