Proof of global catastrophy

watch this video, notice the burning and which direction it appears to have come from, either way the city seems to have been lost due to a catastrophy that flattened an extreemly large capitol city Tsunami?, Meteorite?, a Magnetic traversal or a CME,


We have less than 12 months until we start to see the effects of the roving magnetic north pole which is quite rapidly aiming towards central russia.

as you see in the above graphic (taken from maverickstar reloaded on youtube) the magnetic north pole has been rapidly speeding up on its travels since 2000 and it is now at the point where we do not know if the pole will totally go through a reversal or start traversing back towards the north, unfortunately no one has lived through this type of disaster in the making and all we can do is wonder what the full effects of a magnetic reversal would be.

what you do need to as is why is russia pushing south, well ask yourself what happens when the north pole moves, where will all the cold weather move to, who will be affected ?, where will these people live,

watch this to get the latest news on the magnetic traversal/reversal

First of all answer me a question, what happens to water vapour when things get hotter. well it lowers humidity and what happens when you cool hot air, well it causes condensation does it not. so if the planet is heating up why are we seeing a lot more rain and heavy weather events, why is there no reporting of the fact the icecaps have gained over 2 million tons of snow and gained area over the last 3 years.

The Disaster cycle

We have been through this in the past, egypt was green, greenland was green, we have had major civilisations that dissapeared 15000 + years ago, the stories of atlantis have been documented over thousands of years going back to enoch,

Co2 follows the heat and is not the cause, Co2 is absorbed into the sea where it can be absorbed better at cooler temperatures so the cooler it gets the less co2 is released into the atmosphere.

What has this to do with russia ?

well the whole of russia is going to freeze, the north pole ice sheets will be rebuilt over the top of russia and will not see the light of day for 125000 years plus, russia has billions of people that will need food and shelter, i believe putin knows this along with most of our leaders who know what is coming, if the world cools there will be only a small tract of land around the new equatorial area able to feed and supply the whole population of the earth.

Putin has nothing to lose.

Russia is moving south for arable and living area for its population, i cant see them stopping at the Ukraine because the area of effect of the new north pole would affect the cultivation of all food for at least 1-2 THOUSAND miles around.

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