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Multi-nationals and Corporations

I remember as a child the rise of the corporation and it started to show its face as soon as we joined the EU, they were not satisfied being a family business built up over hundreds of years, all they want is to feed the shareholders and pay its CEO`s vast amounts of money.

Then everyone and his dog became a corporation, we no longer have jobs for life due to the meddling of each and every incoming CEO, Manager and HR wanker, fluffy, receptionist and 40 lawyers who all have to be paid vast amounts of money even when the corporation is losing money.

We now have civil servants working for a corporation paid for by us sneering and acting like characters in little britian, ie “The Computer Says No” with Zero compassion for the people below them strugggling to survive in a climate of rising electricity and gas as well as food and other utilities.

We have a Corporation for a police force who are not at all interested in CRIME but they are eager to give out fines for anything they can make up and get through CPS so they have another tick in the box like the german asslickers who wore brown shirts before ww2.

I have no solution for this but there are big disasters on the horizon that i am not even going to warn others about just yet but.