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After Covid, Real World Problems

Why is it ok for businesses to employ people on low hour contracts but still take the whole week off a whole family just to cover 12 and 16 hour contracts, is this just lazyness on the part of the employers or is this a conspiracy to limit the poor and working classes chances of having a nestegg or something to pass onto the grand children and giving us the human race to live outside the elites rules and break our shackles of being slaves to a country and government who we vote into power for them to bow down to higher powers who want to enslave us more

The Government does not want you to work 40 hours a week and be self sufficient enough to stick 2 fingers up at the gov, or buy a nice car a posh tv and god forbid holidays without them letting their mates get a cut of the extra income. its becoming harder and harder to stay off the radar, i am sure this will be flagged for telling the truth when those that wont be named are pulling the strings making life harder rather than easier.

We need a fix for the zero hour contracts and anything less than 20 hours a week. we cannot continue losing a full week of our labour and be paid a pittance for.
We need to ask employers to relign their working policy which would allow people to have one or 2 jobs which can be easily managed.

If we forced employers to run 16 hour blocks on working hours with a 3 days on and 4 days off 4 off 3 on rota that would allow everyone to juggle 2 jobs either a morning shop job or a evening bar shift which would share out the contracts a lot fairer than it is now, no wonder there are job shortages if the greedy employers are stealing our hours we could be working.

Minimum wage is just that its the minimum someone is allowed to pay you per hour fixed by law. this minimum wage was set for people on 39.5 hours not 16, so stop moaning about staff shortages and pay the working wage, the people are waking up to the way things are going and will not tolerate more.
When i started work it was 40 hours minimum, all the part time jobs were taken by women who yes also ran the house, picked the children up, saved for holidays and yes made your dinner. what we got for that was the husband working 40-70 hours a week on £8 – £15 per hour £320.00 – £600 per week basic take home.

This paid for everything the average family needed and my partner worked part time saving most of her wages for emergencys, holidays and extras for the kids.

GUESS WHAT PEOPLE we now get less wages than in the 80`s, we could of bought a house for £2500 groceries were about 1/2 the price as now, cars were cheaper, we paid £5.00 a year rates, exchange rates in the holiday destinations were higher, 2500 peseta to the pound 4.5 punt to the pound and beer was 50p a pint, the pubs were full and jobs were aplenty. until the EU in their jealousy started to bring in rules and regulations that devasted the north east north west glasgow and belfast all caused by our entrance to the EEC no coal use, no cheap energy, no cheap steel, no ships built in uk, no stainless steel industry, no LARGE engineering, (what about india, russia and china, how about when they have the same levels as us we will do something as then our paltry use of carbon fuels is a lot less than them)

anyway i digress 🙂

something needs to be done, maybe a union or cooperative of people willing to team up into 16 hour block workers or an employment agency that only locates people in jobs if they fgollow the 16 hour block rule, who knows someone may read this and send me my retirement while i can still sorta enjoy it. (hahahaha)