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Wow how the last 12 months has changed our freedoms and rights, the Government should feel ashamed, everything on this site is just the research i could be bothered to publish before coming to the conclusion that all covid preparations and actions after the first wave was useless.

before anyone says i am anti vaxx, i am not, my self my wife and my children were all vaccinated as children but we were not forced to be vaccinated to be able to continue living in society we knew the risks and we saw the benefits of taking a vaccine that had been fully tested and proven to be safe.

now we are being told we will not be allowed to socialise or be a part of society if we do not have a rushed in vaccine that we know has side effects which the pharma companies cannot be sued for malpractice on a vaccine that has not been fully tested.

we really need a Pro choice movement its is my body and i will make whatever decisions i must make just in case problems arise in the future and as i will not really be on this planet anywhere near long enough to see the outcomes of the rna virus,

all i want is to make my own mind up what i do in my life as long as i am not causing harm or injury to others and me not having a rna vaccine can only affect me, surlely i am no risk to a fully vaccinated human being who wears masks and washes hands singing happy birthday and stays the fuck away from me anyway.