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Most of us agree with some of the BNP`s promises yet we agree that they have been tarnished by the heavy handed immigration problem so i have a solution to this. I am starting my own political party as long as i get some supporters that agree with my proposals which are available on the top menu.

We need to say no to all other parties due to seeing no change in politicians ideas since ww2, we are in need of change and we need to gain control over our own lives and stop these political parties from running amok doing the same old things that they have done over the past 60 years.

This is a satrical look at what a lot of people in the uk have mentioned in chatting over various quantities of alcahol.

 The Magna Carta States that Freemen on the land if they do not agree with the crown or governments Acts and bylaws may go into Lawfull Rebellion under article 61 of the Magna Carta 1215 we the population of the united kingdom kindly request that the judges, police, and council members work towards the common law of this land.

I am am still learning freeman law so i am posting the full text explaining Lawfull Rebellion from the freemanleague.com below 

What is Lawful Rebellion?

The word 'Lawful' is defined as 'Being within the law; allowed by law' and the word Rebellion as 'Refusal to accept some authority or code or convention; An act or show of defiance toward an authority or established government'.

So Lawful Rebellion is a refusal to conform to an unjust authority that is sanctioned by, or in accordance with law. 
Under article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 we have a right to enter into lawful rebellion if we feel we are being governed unjustly.

Do you think that we are being governed unjustly?

Ask yourself:
  • Did you want to join the European Union?
  • Did you want to go to war with Iraq or Afghanistan?
  • Did you want to bail out the banks?
  • Did you ask to be constantly monitored by CCTV cameras?

This is a simple safeguard put in place to protect our freedoms.    Our ancestors knew there could be a problem one day if the crown became unjust, or turned into some sort of dictatorship, or parliament was acting against the people, or was full of corruption, or was not allowing the crown to keep its oath.

So in article 61 of the Magna Carta it was written that if this ever happened you could petition the crown to sort out the crown's or parliament's problem, the crown had 40 days to fix it or dissolve parliament.
If, after 40 days, nothing was fixed the petitioner could go into rebellion against the crown and parliament under the full protection of our Constitutional Law until the problem was resolved.

By invoking article 61 we are quite clearly stating that we feel we are being governed unjustly and excercising our right go into 'lawful rebellion', and in doing so we would no longer have allegiance to the crown or parliament because they had become corrupt etc, we may peacefully act to hinder in any way possible all actions of the treasonous government of this land, in order to bring to an end the corruption or injustice within the system. It is law that we can do this, and we are actually obeying the law by doing it, because it is the peoples duty to fight corruption and uphold the law.

Lawful rebellion allows for the following:

  • Full refusal to pay any forms of Tax, Fines and any other forms of monies to support or benefit the unlawful government of this country.
  • Full refusal to abide by any Legislation or Statute 'Law' invalidly put in place by an unlawful government in breech of the Constitutional safeguard.
  • To peacefully hinder in any way possible all actions of the treasonous government of this land, who have breeched the Constitutional safeguard.

Because our constitution cannot be repealed, it is still valid law.

Lawful rebellion is the cornerstone of the Freeman League Society, in order to detach yourself from society, it is vitally important that you have officially revoked the your consent to be governed and have entered into lawful rebellion.

We all know that should a significant portion of us manage successfully to live outside their system that the government will seek to regain contol over us by any means it deems necessary and it will quote law (statute law) to justify itself.

For those who have revoked their consent to be governed according to article 61 of the Magna Carta 1215 there can be no such justification, it would be like a store manager of Tesco's trying to enforce a company rule from the employee's handbook on a passing Traffic Warden, however, if you do happen to work for Tesco's then those rules are law and Tesco's can insist that you follow them or take action against you. 
Similarly, if you have not officially entered into lawful rebellion then the government will demand that you conform to its rules and feel justified in taking action against you if you do not follow them.