Where is my money

have you ever wondered why you have no money and you are always
paying extra for the things you need to live, this is where your money goes.

35% taken at source for NI and Tax
20% taken when we buy food and goods
75% on tobacco
75% on fuel
20% on water which is a necessity for life.

highest travel costs in Europe which we have already paid for 10 times over since Stephenson`s rocket made in the UK and steam was invented in the UK.


We have private companies like G4S running our police stations, courts and jails which have handshake agreements so they make a profit on problems caused by our government.

We pay for the police who fine us for any small reason to pay for services we have already paid for in council tax.

Home rental is taking up to 50% of your weekly wage and on top of that we pay 25% extra to the council as a council tax per month.

Insurances on home car and person are never paid out in full even though you state the value of the items on your policy.

We pay for prescriptions so that the Welsh and Scottish do not have to, why not cut the price to a third and everyone pays the same for the same service.

All corporations and multi-nationals eat up the competition who were paying correct taxes in the country of origin just so that they can move their taxes to a country so that they can dodge the taxes they should pay for our infrastructure.